I’ve been playing racquet ball for years and though I had had a few close calls almost getting hit in the face by the ball, I could not find eye protective wear that was comfortable. I sweat a lot during athletics and every pair of eye glasses I tried for protection (and I tried several different styles) would fog up as soon as I got hot so much so that I could not play competitively while wearing them. Then about a year and a half ago I caught the follow through swing of my opponent’s racquet directly in the face; my nose was broken and required surgery. Now desperate to find eye, and face, protection my wife searched the web and found I-Mask! I was immediately interested in the unique design. After emailing back and forth with their representative a couple of times I ordered an I-Mask and I’ve been thrilled with it. The thing I like most about it is how lightweight it is; it doesn’t inhibit my vision or movement of my head despite the extremely face-paced environment on the court. Perhaps even better my problems with sweat and fog are gone; the shield is positioned such that air easily passes between it and my face helping to keep me cool and removing the potential fogging problem I had with all other protective eyewear. I play several times a week and have been hit by the ball more than once directly on the shield or on some part of the I-Mask several times without injury. This is a fabulous product and a must have for athletes playing court racquet sports, especially sweaty ones!
Gardner Headrick