The Ultimate Eye Protection for Squash and other Racquet sports.

  • NO FOGGING OR HAZING i-MASK is the player's first choice because it has eliminated all the disadvantages of competitive products like: fogging, hazing, nose discomfort and restricted peripheral vision.
  • PROTECTION FOR PLAYERS WHO WEAR GLASSES The visor can be worn over glasses, supporting them & helping to protect the spectacles from impact on lenses or frames.
  • LETS YOU LOOK LIKE YOURSELF The i-MASK visor does not have a frame around the visor. You look more as though you're wearing a sweatband than eyewear. And if you've just played a great game, isn't it nice to be able to be recognised?
  • LIGHTWEIGHT Because the i-MASK visor weighs so little, you're likely to forget you're wearing it.
  • CUSTOM MADE UNITS You can have i-MASK visors made up for your club/centre with your logo and choice of colours! The final price will depend on the artwork being supplied or created. For further information & pricing contact us at
  • YOU CAN REPLACE INDIVIDUAL PARTS You can buy replacements for all parts of the i-MASK visor so you don't have to buy a whole new unit if one part is damaged or lost.
  • JUNIOR SIZE i-MASK Junior size visor is just 11% smaller than the adult size. It is just perfect for the 7 - 10 year old or the very small adult. The i-MASK Junior visor has all the safety features of the adult size, with more protection for the face than other eyewear, and unrestricted vision
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY The i-MASK visor is manufactured from optically clear polycarbonate and is virtually unbreakable and has a 2 year warranty on all fixing points.
  • World Squash Federation (WSF) APPROVED SAFETY STANDARDS AND MARKS The i-MASK has passed these Safety Standards for squash : ASNZS 4066:1992 (Australia & New Zealand) & ASTM F803-94 (USA)and carries the ce mark mark.

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