Assembling i-MASK Protective Eyewear:

It should be noted that we say assembly of our i-MASKs is a relatively simple procedure to master - once you have done it a few times.
But, how long will it take to assemble your i-MASK completely?
No longer than putting on your squash shoes and tying the laces.

Like all self assembly products there will be those who struggle with the concept a little the first time.

For this reason and, to be confident that your i-MASK is put together securely and comfortably and adjusted to fit your head, we strongly suggest you have a few practice goes at assembly and disassembly before actually playing a game.

Correct wearing:
1. Ensure all the labels are the right way up.
2. Ensure the straps are locked in and are not twisted.
3. Ensure the unit is comfortably firm to wear.
4. Ensure the Visor does not cover the mouth.
5. Change the Sweaty comfort pads when and as required during the match breaks.
6. It is not necessary to disassemble the unit at all if you do not want to. Simply place it bag in the storage bag as is.
7. i-MASK is designed to lay flat in your bag as a room saver so repeated assembly and disassembly will not affect it’s life.

The record for the fastest time is held by a 12 year old Australian squash junior, Jared Reynolds in 2001.

Exactly 18 seconds.

If you can beat it please let us know, (we will need proof or some witnesses).

At i-MASK we take pride in supporting junior squash players and their Coaches.

Team i-MASK.