Tyrrel de Langley

I’ve been using I Mask for about 2 years. Initially I chose it because I was seeking eye protection that would not fog up or be prone to getting sweat droplets on the lens. For those purposes it has been brilliant, in addition to providing vastly enhanced peripheral vision over traditional goggles. This past weekend while playing the North American hard-ball doubles game (much harder, heavier, and faster ball) I took a powerfully hit ball just lateral and below my right eye – from my partner no less! Fortunately it hit the lower edge of the I-Mask; it hit so hard it cracked the lens and snapped the fasteners on the elastic strap sending my mask flying across the court. Had the ball hit my face directly, as it would have with regular goggles, I am sure I would have suffered considerable damage to the eye, and no doubt a fracture of the zeugmatic arch. As it was, the only damage was swelling and a black eye as the force of the ball flattened the plastic of the lens against my face

I’ve been playing since 1971, in the days when we didn’t wear eye protection, and never had a ball to the face. Even though I chose the I Mask for its other advantages, its superiority in face/eye protection was readily evident in this episode. Needless to say, I have another I Mask on order and won’t play again until it arrives!

Thanks and regards,–

Tyrrel de Langley DVM, MRCVS, CIM
Director; Animal Care and Veterinary Services
Assistant Professor Pathology, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada