Anthony Graham

My name is Anthony Graham and i am writing to you concerning I-masks for the up and coming European squash championships.
I have recently been invited to play for England in the coming Europeans U19 after i won the U19 British championships at the end of February. This link shows the British championships 2009, where i am pictured playing all the way through to the final in an I-mask. I managed to borrow an I-mask for this event and i really enjoyed playing in it, this is why i am writing to you now.
I would really like the chance to play in another I-mask throughout the individuals and team Europeans this year. Would you be able to sponsor me with an I-mask. There will be huge coverage over squashsite and PSL live in this event and as i will be seeded highly, i would be proud to advertise such effective eye protection to all up and coming juniors!

Thank you so much for your time
and i look forward to your reply
Kind regards
Anthony Graham


Hi Max.
I Managed to win the european Championships!!! and in an Imask!!! There are some great pictures and videos on
Thank you so much for my I-mask. It kept me safe and i had top juniors watching me become european champion from all over europe in an Imask! I hope that helps you, as you have helped me. I also thanked you in my speech at the closing ceremony dinner last night.

I am now England ranked number 1 (2009) and i am European and British U19 champion. I would be more than happy for you to use my name in any advertising purpose for I-mask on websites etc. I would be proud, as i still regard I-mask to be the MOST practical, comfortable and safe eye wear available!
Thank you again Max
Kind Regards
Anthony Graham